A little something 🌸

I made a little something. Nothing special and fancy but still with love. I finally found the time to collect most of the pictures and videos from my travel and I decided to make a short "movie" with some of the videos and wanted to share it with you. It was quite sad to watch those... Continue Reading →


From rice to couscous, from Asia to Africa: 21.02-02.03

What I thought you were coming home? Well, I was.... for one day and then I was leaving again. The main reason why i didn't extended my stay in Asia for even longer, was because I had another travel planned already before i left back in October. I arrived in Germany at noon on the... Continue Reading →

Countdown: 02.02-18.02

How time flies by! Super excitited to go home and even more grateful for the memories I collected and for the people I met! 💫 On february 2 we decided to go to Amed, since the owner of our homestay recommended it to us. It was quite a long drive to get there because of... Continue Reading →


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