A little something 🌸

I made a little something. Nothing special and fancy but still with love.

I finally found the time to collect most of the pictures and videos from my travel and I decided to make a short “movie” with some of the videos and wanted to share it with you. It was quite sad to watch those clips, since I really miss being out and explore new countries. It also made me smile though. It was such a good time and I feel so blessed that I had the opportunity to see all those beautiful places and meet so many awesome and loving human beings.

The majority of the clips were filmed with snapchat on an Iphone 5s so please bear with me that most of it is vertical.

Most people don´t have the privilege of being able to travel or even to leave their hometown. To see in which standarts some people live in SE Asia and how happy they are with so little, really made me think of how we should start appreciating even the small things in our life. Money isn´t everything and being rich doesn’t equal happiness. Have an open and grateful heart and be kind, life is good!

-Love and Peace Marie 🌸-


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