Stray cats of Marrakech

Yes, I might be slightly obsessed with cats. I admit that it might seem strange, but when I was in Marrakech I decided to take a picture of every cat that I saw. I mean we all have something we are weirdly obsessed with, don’t judge me! 😄
Compared to Asia, where you would mostly see stray dogs, Marrakech had a lot of stray cats and my goal was to take pictures of them and then show them on my blog. At the same time I want to remind everybody who is considering getting a cat, dog, bunny or whatever else, please consider getting one from an animal shelter! Please don’t support overbreeding and think of all the kindhearted animals who are waiting for their forever home in shelters. Also, animal shelters are always happy when people come to hang out with the animals to give them some love!
Seeing all those homeless animals and how they are being treated, really broke my heart!

Back to those adorable kitties I saw in Marrakech. Unfortunately I only had my phone (Iphone 5s) to take pictures with so forgive me the shitty quality.



This is one of the few dogs I saw in Marrakech, but just as cute as the cats.
Enough about my cat obsession, what is your weirdest obsession?

-Love and peace Marie🌸-


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