From rice to couscous, from Asia to Africa: 21.02-02.03

What I thought you were coming home? Well, I was…. for one day and then I was leaving again. The main reason why i didn’t extended my stay in Asia for even longer, was because I had another travel planned already before i left back in October.

I arrived in Germany at noon on the 21st of February and my parents picked me up at the airport. I was so happy to be home and to see the surroundings that I call home. Being away for so long really made me appreciate where i grew up. Not only because I had the opportunity to for example to go to school for free but it also made me appreciate the surroundings and even the cold and stormy weather. I didn’t have much time to acclimatize because we were leaving for the airport one day after I came home.

This time it was “only” a short trip to Marrakech, Morocco with my dad, his girlfriend and a lot of friends. We were a total of 15 people and we had a really fun trip.
The difference from Asia to northern Africa was big in some areas and not existing in other. The surroundings and architecture was completely different. In the old town (Medina) of Marrakech the architecture was simple but with a lot of beautiful and stunning mosaic entrances and backyards. We lived in a Riad and it was amazing how quiet it was compared to the busy streets. You could totally escape the noise and smell. A big similarity was how the locals drive. Scooters coming from every corner and driving with a system that we would call chaos at home. Also the markets and how you bargain with the owner was just like I knew it from Asia.

Marrakech is a beautiful and open minded city. Even though their main religion is Islam they accept other religions like Christianity, Catholicism, Judaism and even atheism. I was also amazed by the kindness of the moroccan people. They would invite you to tea all the time and one time when I was walking through the streets with orange peel in my hand a man would offer to take it and throw it away in his shop. 91014ma2

We had an amazing trip, visiting a waterfall, eating good food, going on a sightseeing- bike-trip, relaxing in a hammam and just exploring the infinity of the souk and Medina.

Now I am finally home for longer and I have enough time to acclimatize (because it is cold as f*ck here).

-Love and Peace Marie🌸-


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