Countdown: 02.02-18.02

How time flies by! Super excitited to go home and even more grateful for the memories I collected and for the people I met! 💫

On february 2 we decided to go to Amed, since the owner of our homestay recommended it to us. It was quite a long drive to get there because of the curvy road and the fact that the car wasn’t able to drive faster than 60-70 km/H. First we checked into a homestay which was pretty bad so we decided to leave to the homestay next door. There we got a nice bungalow right next to the beach. The view was amazing and the black volcano beach was stunning. Unfortunately the weather was not on our side so it was cloudy and rainy most of the day. Despite the weather we decided to rent a scooter the next day to explore the area. At one point we tried to find a temple, which we (by accident) took the more difficult road to 😅. Instead of driving a little back to take the nice and even road we just kept going up an old and broken one. Even though we were struggling at some points of the road, the view at least was great! It really showed us a different side of Bali. Telling by the look of the locals when they saw us passing by, not many tourists take that path. When we finally got to the temple (which actually are 7 different ones) we decided to see the two first ones only. Unfortunately it started to rain a lot so we didn’t make it to the second one. Instead we took the nicer road home. 

The next day we had some changes in our plans. Hauke decided to change his flight so he would fly home one week earlier than he was supposed to. Also a friend of his would come for a week to visit us on the 9th of February.

That day we went back to Ubud because we wanted to do some yoga. Amed is a great place for people who want to go diving or go snorkelling, but neither of us were interested in that so we only had a quick visit.

Ubud on the other hand really grew on me. We arrived to a different guesthouse and immediately booked 7 days unlimited yoga. That meant the following 7 days were pretty much just yoga, eating and sleeping. We didn’t go anywhere or didn’t even rent a scooter (the yoga Center was luckily in the same street as our guesthouse). Even though we just totally used that time to do nothing big and exciting at all, it was the best! We did a total of 18 hours of yoga in 7 days. We also tried a lot of different styles; getting sweaty with vinyasa, calming down with yin, playing around with acroyoga and flying high with sky yoga. Every single class was amazing! If you ever consider doing yoga on Bali we would totally reccomend Radiantly alive. On our last day of yoga Mads, the friend from home who came the day before, took 3 classes of yoga with us that day.

Sky yoga

On our last 2 days in Ubud we rented some scooters and went to see a temple called Goa Gaj, which again was nice but very touristy. We also went to see the rice paddles. Unfortunately we didn’t have the time to go to the bigger and less touristy ones because they were further away. The ones we went to are truly beautiful and terrific, buuut a lot of tourists which also meant a lot of locals asking for donations.

Goa Gaja

It was still raining a lot so we treated ourselves with a nice massage, again 😁. The food we got was also a nice treat. If not for the yoga you should definitely visit Ubud for the food!

The 12th of February we left Ubud and went to Seminyak. We heard good of it but my impression of it was similar to the one I have of Kuta. Being only a few km away from Kuta might have something to do with it. Seminyak has a lot of shopping opportunities and even though the beach is a little nicer than Kuta’s, it wasn’t a place I wanted to stay for long.

We rented a scooter, again, and tried to find a temple near the beach. We found it but it didn’t look as nice as expected so we didn’t wanted to pay for entrance. Instead we went to the beach and went swimming and getting sunburned laying on the beach (especially Mads 😄). 

In one of our homestays we had to deal with dark and wet rooms which concluded in several pieces of clothing starting to mold and I even had to throw out my old notebook which I had throughout my whole travel 😭.
I’m so excited to finally wash ALL my clothes and wearing something that doesn’t smell like clothing that has been in a bag for ages. Might sound gross but try to travel for several month and dealing with rain and weird smells in dorm rooms and busses without getting your clothes to smell too. Right! It’s impossible.

The 14th we went further down to Uluwatu. Unfortunately Hauke wasn’t feeling well so when we went to the Uluwatu temple later that day he had to stay home.
The sunset at the temple was so beautiful! The temple wasn’t that impressive but the scenery was perfect! Besides some monkeys who took Mads’ apple and broke his water bottle, the sunset was a relaxed pleasure. 

The day after, Hauke was till not feeling good so again we went by ourselves to see the museum Pasifika. The museum was about different pieces of art from artists throughout the world who came to Bali in the early 20st century.

On the 16th we went back to Kuta where Mads and I checked into a hostel and said goodbye to Hauke who was leaving to the airport in the evening that day. So weird to think of me going home soon too. The day after Hauke left, Mads left back to Australia where he is going to continue his travel.

As I’m writing this there’s only 2 nights left of my travel 😱. I’m so excited and totally ready to go home. As a nice surprise my parents told me that they are gonna pick me up at the airport and now I’m spending the last days laying by the pool, enjoying the time left in the sun before I go back to cold and rainy Germany. Even though I ‘only’ spend 4 months in the heat I must confess that i kind of missed the winter. Only a little though 😉.

New love: Sesame soy icecream (tastes better than it sounds).

What I read: Salt, sugar and fat by Michael Moss

A stolen life by Jaycee Dugard

Recommendation: The podcast “Earth- to us”

-Love and Peace Marie🌸-


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