Western feeling in Asia: 15.01-24.01

I arrived to the Cameron highlands at around 8.00 pm and checked into the same hostel as Michaela. My first impression of the highlands was very good. The temperature (21°) was so refreshing and the stunning view made me so excited! Unfortunately it seemed like everyone was leaving the day after I arrived so I only got to eat strawberries (yes they have strawberry plantation here, and no they are not as good as the local ones at home) with Michaela and then she had to leave 😞. The best and most common thing to do here is visiting the tea plantation, but since I didn’t find anyone to go with I decided to book a tour for the day after. The tour was a bit disappointing and a waste of money. Well we did everything it said we would, but everything was so rushed and in the end I was home one hour earlier than it said i would.

Nevertheless instead of regretting the money spend on that I’m gonna enjoy and focus on the amazing views and stunning area I got to see. So we went to go to the second highest mountain, Gunung Binchang, where we could walk up, a not quite safe looking, watchtower for the view. Afterwards we would hike through a mossy forest, which literally is made out of moss. I totally fell in love with all the exotic insect eating plants and orchids. Afterwards we went to see the B.O.H tea plantation and I don’t even know what to say! It was one of my favourite sights so far. The butterfly farm farm afterwards is not worth telling about. Just an indoor garden with beautiful flowers but imprisoned and sad animals. If you plan on going to the highlands there it is much better to go on and explore the many hiking paths on your own.

Tea plantation

After the tour was over I took the bus to Melaka/Melacca. That was probably the most comfortable but coldest bus ride I’ve ever been on. The busses here in Malaysia are so comfy and there’s actually enough space for long legs!! But holy moly the air condition was doing its best to get below zero degrees. When I arrived in Melaka at 11pm my body went from freezing to sweating in no time. Even at night it was 27° and it was so humid that my body needed one day to adjust haha. So besides from exploring a bit I was laying in the hostel the first day.

Melaka is beautiful. I totally fell in love with the buildings and enjoyed strolling down the river. Melaka was a former Dutch colony so you could visit old Dutch buildings, mosques and Chinese temples. Since it was about 31° and burning sun through the day, I wasn’t doing much else then just exploring and taking a little break from trying to see everything. The last night I went to the night marked with the people from the hostel. I totally love the concept of them and they always have the best food. So after stuffing myself with fruit sushi, fresh spring rolls, coconut shake, samosas, fried vegetable cake and sweet corn (did I really eat that much?!😅) I was getting ready to leave the next morning. (Unfortunately I deleted the pictures of Melaka 😫)


I arrived Kuala Lumpur on the 21st and checked into the cheapest hostel (3€) which was the worst I’ve been in so far. Meeting with Adrien and Sachin, who I met in Cameron highlands, for dinner the first night and exploring the city on my own the day after. Well, first I checked into another hostel, which was much nicer. Then I walked to the Berjaya times square mall, one of the biggest malls in the world. 13 floors, over 1000 shops and an indoor theme park with rollercoasters.I was speechless and couldn’t be in the mall for too long. Not because I was tempted but it was just exhausting to get through the maze of a shopping mall.

Times Square shopping mall

On the way to the famous petronas twin towers I visited 3 other malls which looked more like the ones we have at home. If you ever want to feel totally misplaced though, just stroll through the expensive shops in the Petronas tower mall in your casual backpacker outfit 😄. Others than that I went to little India ( good and cheap food) the Petaling street flea marked and strolled through the beautiful old town of KL with Adrien and Abi.

Petronas twin towers
Banana leaf dish in little India

The 24th was finally the day where I had to get my flight to Bali!! After getting through the jungle of an airport in Kuala Lumpur and a short flight of 3h I arrived on Bali at 1am. Now it’s 1pm and I’m still waiting at the airport. 😴

Thank you Malaysia! I did not expect such a different country but I enjoyed the cities and highlands you had to offer.

Favourite quote: “When I was a kid I wanted to be a strawberry”-Michaela, trying to figure out her job possibilities.

What I read: The last letter from your lover – Jojo Moyes

What I learned: Take it easy at airports. Be aware of the people around you and help if someone needs it.

-Love and Peace Marie 🌸-


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