A confession to make: 09.01-15.01

!The internet is pretty slow here, so I’m not sure how many pictures actually got uploaded!

I just realised that I haven’t told you that I decided to stay longer than planned! What!? Yeah, so instead of going home on January 23, I changed my flight to February 21. I’m so excited to stay a little longer! 😍
On the bus from Koh Lanta to Langkawi I met Michaela from Slovakia and Ida and Elinor from Finland and together we got through the long journey driving through flooded streets, sitting in a packed bus than being dropped off at a bus station in the middle of nowhere with nobody speaking good English, but as I experienced before though, and I have no idea how the travel system works, we ended up on Langkawi, Malaysia. We checked in in our hostel and met Kaysa from Sweden.

Flooded streets on our way to Malaysia

Langkawi surprised me in so many ways, not only does the island remind me of a Gran Canaria knock off but the architecture is so different to the rest of Asia I’ve seen. The first day we got to try jetski for free, which was super scary but also so much fun! Also Michaela and I went on a kayak trip through a mangrove forest. Mangrove is the only tree that can grow in saltwater and sailing through the forest and seeing all those animals you never heard of before was amazing. We saw fish that prefer being out of the water even though they have to be wet to breathe and kind of look like lizards, crabs that climb up on trees and 20 eagles being fed in front of us. After the kayaking we went to a bat cave where you could see over 100 of bats sleeping and the guide told us that one bat would eat around 1000 of mosquitoes and bugs each night, so shout out to insect eating bats!

Giiiiirls and sunset
If you look closely you can see the eagles

Michaela and I on our way to the mangrove forest

Others than that we spend a lot of time on the beach, watching fire shows and playing ukulele. The day before we left, we rented a car and made a road trip around the island. That was one of the best ideas and we went to see the sky bridge where you take a GONDLE to the top of a mountain and then walk over the world’s longest suspension bridge. The view was amazing and even though I was kind of freaked out by the height I made it over the bridge haha. After that we went to a stunning waterfall, swimming at the bottom of it and really appreciated that we have the opportunity to do so. We ended our road trip visiting two beaches, one with black sand and one where monkeys would come to steal our snacks. Luckily we didn’t have any so the other tourists were their target.

Waterfall on Langkawi
View from the sky bridge

On January 13 Kaysa, Michaela and I decided to go to Penang. Since I’m super bad with ferries and in total being on a boat, we decided to take the bus. Leaving Langkawi at 8 in the morning with a short ferry ride to Kuala Perlis, we didn’t make our bus… so we had to go to another bus station and buy another ticket to Butterworth and from there taking a ferry to Georgetown/Penang which luckily only cost about 1,5 ringgit (0,25€). So even though we had to buy another ticket we spend less than taking the direkt ferry from Langkawi to Penang.

Georgetown is an UNESCO world heritage, a former British colony and has the most charming and beautiful architecture I’ve seen so far in Asia. Not only the architecture and the street art took my heart by storm but also the street food, which was amazing!

Juice served in plastic bags

Back to business, we took a bus to the Nationalpark and hiked through the jungle to visit monkey beach. The hike was amazing and i loved the mixture of nature made steps and bridges build by the people. Some of them where broken and shattered by trees, so it kind of gave you that tomb raider feeling when you climbed through those trees. The monkey beach was nice but I was a little disappointed. 

Others than enjoying the good food we went to a chocolate museum, which was one of the fastest museum trip ever haha. It was for free and the whole trip literally took us only five minutes. 2 minutes where the guide told us about how chocolate is made, in a super speed English and the other 3 minutes us trying samples of chocolate. The last night we ate at the foodcourt and met a local who took us to a sky bar and showing us the nice view over Georgetown. Then Kaysa was leaving to Kuala Lumpur and Michaela to the Cameron Highlands in the morning and I spend half of the day alone exploring the city and trying to find as much of the street art as possible. In the afternoon of the 15th I left Georgetown too.

Streetart in Georgetown


Favourite quote: Not that much of a quote but just the look on Kaysas face when she was playing the invisible violin 😂

What I lost: The book I read, but luckily I found it in another bookstore so I could finish it.
What I learned: No matter how many times you get dropped off and picked up on a bus trip, you always end up where you wanted to.
What I miss the most: A 7/11 from Thailand. Every country seems to have totally different 7/11 and the Malaysian one is just not as good as the one in Thailand.
And my travel family! Andrea and Joan: Enjoy your time in Australia!!  Felix: Amazon is shit anyways weißt du ?!
-love and peace Marie 🌸-


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