Rain, rain and cheap rum: 23.12-09.01

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  Yes I know I’m late but I just wanted begin with wishing all of you the best for 2017!

After celebrating Christmas with Andrea and Joan, they had to leave to Malaysia for a visa run and that meant I had to spend couple days alone in Krabi. Well, we did go to Railay Beach together before that and it was beautiful! On the beach we met a guy in his 70 doing yoga, handstands and climbing up the mountain without any security. It was insane but I loved his energy and strength.

Railay beach

Others than that I went to see the mall in Krabi, which is totally different to any mall I’ve ever been to. Instead of a lot of small shops, there was just one big room, packed with stuff. The last day in Krabi I spend going to the Tiger cave Temple and doing a cooking class. The temple was on top of a mountain and you had to walk 1249 steep steps to get there. Doing that in 29 degrees and burning sun was pretty exhausting and more than once I thought I would collapse, but we made it! The sight was amazing and totally worth the pain! In the evening, I went to the cooking class where I learnt how to make homemade curry paste, coconut soup and a lot more. It was amazing and really interesting. I’m already excited to try it at home! 

Flavours of Thailand

Sweaty me and awesome sight

Actually, once when I was eating breakfast in a Thai restaurant in Krabi, I was talking to the owner and they offered me to learn how to make a dish in their kitchen. That was a fun experience and after taking several pictures with me I got to eat my selfmade massaman curry.

Massaman curry served in coconut

The 29th of December I finally left Krabi and went to Koh Phangan where I met with Andrea and Joan again again. The time I spend on that island was weird but amazing. We went to the half moon party (which we snug into, but pshh😅) jungle party and finally the big full moon party at New Year’s Eve. Every party was unique and awesome! Even though I got burned by the fireworks and smashed by the crowd at the fullmoon I had an awesome start into 2017, celebrating the end of a personally amazing year, sleeping on the beach and meeting awesome people.✨

Then the rain started… And it seemed like it wouldn’t want to stop. 4 days of waiting for the rain to calm, so we finally could leave the island, where long 4 days. Everything was flooded and there was nothing to do. Luckily for us we stayed at an amazing hostel called Love station. Joe, the manager, would do everything he could to make it a good time for everybody. That ended in several movie nights, getting take away food together or going partying in the rain. That really made the stay better and it kind of felt like being part of a family in the end. Btw the foodmarked here had amazing sushi and the best mango sticky rice 👌.

Fullmoon as a princess
Cheap rum in front of a 7/11 with Andrea and Jessy
Andrea, Joan and me

Flooded Koh Phangan

The 7th was finally the day where we could leave the island. Sadly it was the day where I had to say goodbye to my favourite monkeys Andrea and Joan😪. They were leaving to Bangkok and later to Australia. I’m really gonna miss them and after traveling together for such a long time it is going to be weird to not be with them anymore.

Memory from when the squad was complete

Anyways, I was going to Krabi again, but instead of staying I spontaneously decided to go to Koh Lanta. Would’ve been a great idea, but bad luck for me it started raining the day I came. The one day I spend there was without electricity on the whole island and again…a lot of rain. Luckily I met some awesome people to hang out with but even though I would’ve loved to see more of Koh Lanta and in general more of southern Thailand, I wanted to escape the rain. 

Now I’m in Malaysia getting my tan back on Langkawi😎.

Favourite quote: “Then you make it nice and sexy, just like my body” – Cooking class instructor about how to roll spring rolls.

Describing this time with 3 phrases: Cheap rum, pre-drinking in front of a 7/11 and rain

What I’ve read: The girl on the train by Paula Hawkins

What I lost: My favourite shrinky hair tie 😭

-Love and peace Marie 🌸-


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