Veni. Vidi. Amavi.: 04.12-22.12

Sorry for letting you wait (again) but I was still busy doing nothing in paradise.🌴

Eddy and I left Sihanoukville one day before Joan and Andrea. We checked in and immediately  I fell in love with the beach and the feeling of no time. The first days were spend at the beach just chilling and swimming. After maybe 2 days I felt the need to excersice so I signed up for a boot camp. I was the only attendant that day and Kurtis was beating my lazy ass without mercy. I don’t think I’ve ever sweated that much haha😅.

Koh Rong

Others than that I got the unpleasant experience of bedbugs. I’m not gonna show you a picture of my back, but I can tell you it was horrible.
We also did a boat trip were we went snorkelling, fishing (and for those who did, there was a bbq afterwards), visiting long beach and watching the sunset. When the sun was down we ended the trip with swimming with eco luminous plankton. I’ve never been snorkelling before and even though there was not much to see, it was still incredibly beautiful to see all those colourful fishes, the scary looking urchins and the coral. Even more breathtaking was snorkelling with the glowing plankton. Imagine being in the total black sea and every time you move thousands of tiny glowing sparks explode around you. It is hard to describe but it was definitely incredible to watch!

Fresh caught fish bbq
Sandcastle queens
Long beach, Koh Rong

At one point I was tired of staying in places for couple days only, so I decided to ask for a job and stay longer. Faster than expected I got a job at a restaurant/bar/guesthouse called Runaway’s. Danny, Sevde and Mali who run the place are amazing people and I enjoyed working for them so much. They just opened up the place and need a lot of love, so if you are going to Koh Rong you should definitely say hi and enjoy some amazing sushi. So for round about two weeks I worked with them and Cassandra and Jenny, and I’m so happy to have met all those awesome people on my stay. On this point I just want to say thank you for having me and keep up the positive energy!❤️✨

Mali and Sevde (the others missed it)

Oh not to forget about the fullmoon party that I went to with some friends I met back in Vang Vieng, Laos. It was so much fun, and I do still find pieces of glitter left on my skin from that night. Also it is amazing how you keep bumping into the same people in different places.

Fullmoon party

Others than that, there was not much more than hanging out at the beach, celebrating my freedom. I had amazing 20 days on Koh Rong! ✨

Two days before Christmas I had to leave the island because my visa was running out. I got on a night bus to Bangkok which took me 24h. After spending one night there I took a flight to Krabi. There I met with Andrea and Joan again and together we had a nice Christmas dinner and afterwards a needed skypesession with our families at home. On that note I wish you all a merry Christmas! 🎄❤️

4K beach, Koh Rong


What I learned: How to make Sushi (credits to Cassandra)

Favourite quote: “Breakfast is ready darling.” -Sevde

What I fell in love with: Marmite and Runaways dog MD!

MD and me

-Love and peace Marie🌸-


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