Been there Don Det: 21.11-26.11

So I left Vang Vieng to go to the 4000 islands that are located in the south of Laos. Luckily I met another German girl that I could share a bed with in the sleeping bus. In the morning of the 21, after a 23 hours in 6 different vehicles we arrived with the slowboat to Don Det, one of the main islands. 

Mekhong river, Don Det

Since Felix came here one day before me I had no trouble finding a nice guesthouse. The bungalows were right at the Mekong river so we always had an amazing view and the authentic owner of it completed the stay. Adrian Robson  the owner, had been traveling through south east Asia for many years and has actually survived a big flood catastrophe in Indonesia. That was also the reason why he decided to write a book about the catastrophe and about south east Asia and his travels. “South east Asia in yer face” is the most authentic book I’ve ever read. The bold language and his constant swearing made me read his book with his voice in my head. If you ever going to meet Adrian and he tries to sell you his book I promise you you won’t regret the purchase, or the time you spend on listening to his stories. 

View on the Mekong

10 minutes after I arrived, I went on a bike trip to the waterfalls with Felix, Amy and Jack. This time I didn’t fell off the bike, even though the road was in a bad condition and the tiny bridges made out of wood looked like they could break at any time. 

Mekhong waterfalls

The people are so nice and welcoming and it was a pleasure to stay on Don Det even though it only was for 3 days. 

After Don Det we headed to Cambodia, the kingdom of wonder. We arrived in Siem Reap and of course we went to see Angkor Wat. The only downside was that we didn’t plan it well enough because we were naive enough to think we could walk to each temple. Big mistake and sore feet after that. Even though we didn’t see all of the temples (there are so many that you can buy 3 days ticket to explore them all) we saw 7 and they were pretty amazing. Angkor Wat is the most famous one and indeed it was impressive. Others than that we also visited the temple which was used in Tomb Raider. 

Angkor Wat
Ta Prohm
Can you spot me?

The temple of the smiling faces
Ta Phrom

If you wonder what the other half of our travel family is doing, they bought a motorbike in Laos and made the loop, but they are on their way to catch up with us. ❤️

Besides Angkor Wat there’s not much more to do in Siem Reap. They have a pub street and a night marked but I wasn’t impressed by neither of them. So we headed towards Phnom Penh after two days in Siem Reap.

What song I learned on the ukulele: Happy Birthday since it was Rodrigos birthday.

What I read: South east Asia in yer face by Adrian Robson.

Favourite quote: “My f*cking cat is a f*cking devil but I f*cking love it” – Adrian, Don Det

Until then keep up the good vibrations in cold Europe ☀️

-Love and peace Marie🌸-


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