Neverland: 14.11-20.11

The last day in Luang Prabang Felix and I went to the other side of the Mekong river again to make a 35km mountainbike trip. In the beginning we were super optimistic and ready to rock this. 💪 The view was amazing and everything was just so impressive. Then the condition of the road got worse, the sun hotter and our bottles of water emptier. The gear shift was so bad that we had to push the bikes up most of the hills and at some point I actually didn’t think that we will get through this trip. Never have I ever experienced such a heat and we were soaking up the little amount of shadow that we could find along the way. Although it may sound like a bad trip, it wasn’t at all. Every village we came through, kids would run up the street to shout “sabaidee” and wave at us. The experience of so many different emotions in those 4 hours and the proud feeling I had when we finally got back to the river are priceless. 

Oh and then there was this moment at the end where I fell of the bike and got bruises everywhere… Not important or embarrassing at all😅.

The next day we took a minivan to Vang Vieng. The way was so beautiful and Laos is just getting more beautiful. We stayed at a super nice backpacker hostel with the best breakfast view you can imagine. Vang vieng has so far the most beautiful mountains! 

 We attended a pub crawl, tubing and an awesome techno jungle party. For those who don’t know about tubing: you basically just float on a tube on a river and take breaks at different bars to drink. It was so much fun and definitely something I would do again. Others than that I went to see one of the three blue lagoons and a cave. Let the pictures speak for themselves.  

People that work here call Vang Vieng for Neverland, and after staying there for almost a week I understood why. I am definitely going back soon! Pinky promise! 

Until then the leftover glitter on my skin will remind me of the chilling days at smile beach, the ukulele jams with Eddy and the endless dancing in the jungle. 

What song I learned on ukulele: Creep by Radiohead

What book I read: On the road by Jack Kerouac

Favourite quote: “This is Neverland and we’re the f*cking lost boys!” 

-Love and peace Marie🌸-


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