Adventurous bustrip: 7.11- 13.11

Right now I couldn’t feel more lucky. I am sitting in the most beautiful garden at the Nam Khan River, drinking a coconut and enjoying the view. 

Nam Khan, Lao
But the story of how we got here is actually much better. 

The 7.11 we (Andrea, Juan, Felix and I) decided to leave Pai and and all the amazing people we met. The time I spend in Pai is now one of my favourite memories and I would recommend everyone to go there! The only thing negative about Pai is the way to get there. It’s seriously the most curvy Road I have ever seen, and the crazy driving of the Thais made me feel a bit sick. So if you go to Pai and you get seasick easily be prepared 😄.

So while we were chilling at the pool for the last time, enjoying the calm and easiness of the place, Andrea suddenly discovered that she couldn’t find her passport. So the moment of peace was gone and with panic we tried to find the passport, looking through all of our bags. We did not find it, so we decided to get our backpacks to the bus terminal (we also only had 1h left before departure) and while I was watching our bags, the others were running through town to find it. They even reported it to the police. 10 minutes before our bus was going Felix found it on a pile of trash in front of the fruitshake stall where Andrea bought something in the morning. 

Some of you might know that I am pretty good at sleeping everywhere no matter how noisy it is. So the whole trip from Pai to Chiang Mai and from Chiang Mai to Vientiane (Laos) I slept through almost all of the 20h. Even I’m impressed since it was a minivan with not that much space. 

Last picture of Pai.

Finally we arrived at the friendship bridge from Thailand to Lao, got our visa and tried to get used to the weird currency. One euro is 9000 kip. Imagine to carry around that much money and to have to count the zeros on the money to see if you have 50000 kip (5,5€), only 5000 kip (0,5€) or even the smallest note 500 kip (0,05€). First we wanted to stay in Vientiane for a night but the city was not that nice (at least not after our first impression) so we decided to book a sleeping bus for the same day. After waiting for 6h we got to the bus station and waited to go into the bus. Never have I ever seen a bus that weird. You were supposed to share a tiny bed with someone and everything was a bit old and dirty, but that’s just how it is here and you get used to it pretty fast. We were lucky enough to get the backseat, so we had a little more space and where sharing a big mattress.

 We were lucky, that’s what we thought in the beginning, after an hour or so we woke up because it was raining so heavily outside that it began to leak through the roof and a lot of to bed was super wet. So we tried to fix it as much as possible with bandaids haha. Well, it did work for a while.

 The road was small, messed up and the driver was driving in asian style: fast, wild and still safe enough. It was raining through the whole night and if the leaking wasn’t bad enough we slept beneath the air condition which was super noisy. We survived, even though we had to wait 4h more because of some land slip that where blocking the road. The most adventurous bus trip of my life. 

Road block

Finally after two days of sleeping in the bus we arrived in Luang Prabang. We got welcomed by heavy rain for two days, and after waiting patiently we got sunshine and heat. Luang Prabang is such a beautiful city! Compared to the Thai people the Lao people are more quiet and ‘slow’ which means they don’t rush at all. We have been on the night marked a few times (even though there’s a night marked in every city) and visited the side of the Mekong river which wasn’t that touristic. We just got on to a tiny ferry which we paid 5000 kip for. On the other side we saw a temple and how they live outside the city. I am in love with the small shops that seem to have everything and nothing. 
Mekong river

Private boat home

We have also been to the Kuang Si waterfalls which are the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever seen. The colour of the water is amazing and the waterfalls breathtaking. See for yourself ! 

Kuang Si waterfalls

I am happy, thankful and almost without any mosquito bite.
-love and peace Marie 🌸-


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