Long time no see: 31.10-6.11

Long time no see🌸 I’m sorry for not writing that much, but there’s just so much going on. 

In Chiang Mai we went to Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep which is a temple on a mountain so you are able to see Chiang Mai from above. The view was amazing and the temple was totally in gold and more than beautiful. The temple is amazing but personally it was to crowded. On our way back we went to see a waterfall, which Rodrigo bathed in.

Chiang Mai
Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep
When we came back we were chilling at our hostel, playing the ukulele and met Juan and Andrea from Spain and Felix and Sasha from Germany. After hanging out with them we decided to go to Pai together. 
I like Chiang Mai better than Bangkok but even though it is much more chill and quiet I had to get out of the city. We got to Pai in a minibus, and instead of only staying here for 2 nights it has been 6 days now. Pai is a backpacker paradise. A lot of bungalows to sleep in, a lot of other travellers and a lot of beer. Pai has a lot of beautiful waterfalls and hot springs that we went to on a scooter. 

So I was actually driving a scooter for the first time 😁 

Pai circus hostel
Hot springs, Pai

Oh and meet our dog Ruffolina. One night when we were chilling on our front porch she just came and fell asleep and she has been following us ever since.
After one week staying in Pai I am joining Andrea, Juan and Felix to Laos. Going to be so much fun, I’m not excited for the 2 days long bus trip though.

-love and peace Marie🌸-


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  1. hey there,

    So I am dane/german (located on the boarder) and I have been in Thailand for 13 days now and I must say it’s amazing and frightening at the same time. I was in Bangkok, Hua Hin and Chiang Mei and saw a lot of different temples, djungle, elephants, beach, city and food. I have got mixed feelings about this land and wanted you (whomever may read this) to know the pros and cons that had the greatest impression on me.

    Cons first:
    – it’s just too damn hot for me. Always 30 – 40 degree plus sunshine is just too much.
    – Regarding Driving; What are rules even made for? It’s like: “I drive my style. My style is Thai style”. It’s not as bad as in Egypt, but it’s enough for about 100 thais to die in traffic accidents only, every day.

    Now the pros:
    – You can eat delicious food literally everywhere and at every hour. (Not always as healthy as some may say though)
    – All thai people are really nice and friendly (at least it seems like that) Whenever I smiled at them I got it right back at me.
    – everyone is calm (at least it looks like this on the surface) becuase they’re all into budhism religion

    So there you have it.

    This is kind of my last day in chiang mei btw. Tomorrow morning it goes back like this: chiang mei -> bangkok -> abu dabi -> düsseldorf -> hamburg. (yup, it’s the cheapest connection)

    Either way it was a great experience and I will definitely visit Asia (probably not the amazing thailand) again.

    ~ have a great day


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