Chiang Mai 27.10-28.10

27.10 After I got breakfast at the hostel I played UNO with a German guy and Arnaud from Canada. We decided to stroll through the streets of Bangkok. Besides the even smaller shops and people selling fruits and Pad Thai we saw quite big lizards enjoying the sun. 


The three Chilean guys were on their way to Chiang Mai that morning and Arnaud wanted to take the bus in the evening, so I spontaneously decided to join him. Unfortunately I had booked another night at the hostel that I couldn’t get refunded. We took a bus at 18.00 to the bus station. After ca. 20 minutes and 10 busses passing by the right one was finally coming. Never have I ever experienced such a wild and eventful bus drive. It seems like the traffic rules aren’t that respected and especially the motorbikes drive everywhere were they fit through. 

When we finally got to the busstation at 20.00 (after dropping off the wrong place and then walking 1,5km to the station) we got a ticket for 488 THB (12€) and a comfortable seat in a bus with air condition (too cold as always), blankets and a free meal. 28.10 The bus drive was totally fine, and you could even get a few hours of sleep. After 9h we arrived to Chiang Mai.

In Chiang Mai we found a nice guesthouse called Julie’s Guesthouse. It is such a nice place with a nice atmosphere and a lot of other backpackers. The rooms are fine and the food is cheap and delicious. After we checked in we went to explore the city and visit a couple of temples. Chiang Mai has actually over 300 temples and the ones that we saw where stunning! 

Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai

Unfortunately the guesthouse is in a soi which is a small alley that leads off the bigger roads. So we had a pretty hard time finding the guesthouse and were wandering through 32 degrees and burning sun. At night we met Filipe, Javier and Rodrigo again and together we went to the night bazar. 

The night bazar was super big and there were so many booths with everything that you can imagine and more. I was so overwhelmed that I couldn’t decide what I want to buy. Luckily you can get everything in any other touristic area as well. 

In Chiang Mai I did also discover my favourite dessert: sticky rice with mango. It is soo delicious and so easy to make. Actually it is pretty much the same as Milchreis but instead of milk you use coconut milk to cook the rice and then you just add slices of mango.

I hope you are having a good time ! ☀️

-Love and peace Marie- 


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