Hamburg – Bangkok 24.10-26.10

Monday the 24th of October I left my safe home to explore a new part of the world.✈️ 

24.10 It was actually easier than I thought to say goodbye to my family. Of course on or two tears where rolling down my cheek, but it went surprisingly well. At the airport in Hamburg, where I had to wait three hours before my flight, I experienced the first nice gesture that really gave me a boost of happiness and excitement. Beside that guy who gave me my phone back after I forgot it at the security check 😅, another guy that worked at an airport-food stall gave me a fruitsalad for free for whatever reason.

It was the first time I had to travel by plane on my own and the first time leaving Europe… On my own. I had a nice 6h sleep from Hamburg to Dubai, a really cold 3h stay at the airport in Dubai (air condition on full speed = not nice) and a relaxed 6h flight from Dubai to Bangkok. Luckily for me I met two German travellers in the plane, so we kind of tried to manage the chaotic airport of Bangkok together. It got even better when we found out that our hostels where close to each other and we could share a cap. 

25.10 I stayed at a Hotel called “The Myth” on Sud Sathorn and for 1498THB (38€) a night it is a nice and clean place to stay. The reason I choose a hotel and not a hostel was just because I wanted a nice and quiet place to arrive to. 26.10 The next morning I checked out at 11 and got a cap to a hostel I found online. After a loooong drive (cap-driver confused me and I confused him) I found what I was looking for.

The flying Cow is a really nice Hostel and the people owning it are super kind. For 150THB (4€) a night you get a clean bed in a 10 bed dorm room. Half an hour after I checked in, I met three Chilean guys (Javier, Felipe and Rodrigo – sorry for being so badly at pronouncing your name 🌸) and Matt from America that I went on a sightseeing tour with. It’s not hard to see that Bangkok is completely different than cities I have visited in Europe before. 

Bangkok is dirty and loud, but also a beauty in itself and there is so much to explore. The first thing I noticed were the houses with old and chipped paint on the walls, the cables that were going down every street and I just kept wondering; if one cable would break how do they know which one it is, or do they just add a new cable without removing the broken one?! Bangkok was really a cultural shock for me, never have I seen that many tiny ‘stores’ side by side, where people were making food, offer to wash your clothes or tried to sell stuff that nobody really needs but still wants to buy. 

Between people constantly asking “Tuk-Tuuk??” “Pineappeh and watahmelo – 20 Baaaht” we tried to find a Temple which we were allowed to visit. Since the King passed away recently the Thais closed a lot of places for tourists in Bangkok so they could mourn and pray for a month. It was kind of magical to see how much they loved their King. Everybody was dressed in black and white and  you could get free water and food on the street. 

Finally we found Wat Pho which is a buddhist temple. I have never expected it to be that beautiful! The temple is first on the list of six temples in Thailand classed as the highest grade of the first-class royal temples. It actually has the biggest collection of Buddha images in Thailand and the most famous of them all is the 46m long reclining Buddha. And it was breathtaking, I have never seen something like this before! Unfortunately it is impossible to capture the beauty of the things I saw in pictures.

46 m long Buddha
Wat Pho, Bangkok
Wat Pho, Bangkok
Wat Pho, Bangkok

After a couple of hours exploring the streets of Bangkok we found a nice place to eat. Thai food is delicious and the restaurant owner told us many stories of how he met the King and where he had been travelling to. After taking pictures with us he even gave us a goodbye card 😍. (Yes, that is him in Hawaii)

After that we went back to the hostel, drank a couple of beers and visited the well known Khao San road. Mekka for backpackers, but wasn’t really my cup of tea. We went home early and I ended my first day in Thailand with a lot of new impressions and a good night of sleep. 

That was that for now ☀️ I will try to tell you more soon and also why I ended up leaving Bangkok earlier than expected. 

-Love and peace Marie 🌸-


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