31 days and my biggest challenge

I am so excited!! 31 days left until I am heading to Bangkok, Thailand. ✈️

If you wonder what I planned so far…. nothing. I booked the flight and I am going to book the first night in Bangkok. I haven’t figured out where I want to go and what I want to see, and I have no intentions in doing so. I want to travel without the “perfect” plan and with the freedom of choosing in the moment. The main reason: It seems impossible to me to plan a trip of a 3 months length.
I also think, that to not plan ahead too much and going with the flow can lead you to even more beautiful places. My to-do list is still long and I have a few more things to do before I leave but that won’t stop my anticipation from rising. ☀️

Today I can set a tick mark on my to-do list for “buying a backpack”. I finally did it! I still remember the feeling I had when I bought my flight ticket, and it was almost as exciting and awesome when I bought the backpack today. It was quite an investment but totally worth it.

The last two month I was working in a lovely café in Copenhagen (check it out) and since I had my last shift yesterday (😢) I am now spending my time reading travel blogs and prepare myself on how to pack as minimalistic as possible. Those who know me will know how much I need to learn it, because I am horrible at packing as little as possible.
So my plan (yes, I do have a plan for that though) is to pack as little as possible and to really ask myself if I am going to use it on the trip. No worse feeling than seeing all the unused stuff in your bag that just take up precious space. I am ready to accept the do-you-really-need-that-Marie?-packing challenge 💪
Wish me luck!

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–Love and peace Marie 🌸 —


Ps. Ja Muddi ich kauf mir auch mal bunte Sachen ! 🌈 #mutzurfarbe



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